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Macaque Rescue Center

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The trade in endangered species as well as common wildlife is a very big problem in Vietnam despite being addressed by the authorities as well as by international and locally-based organizations. The trade in primates continues to be a big problem here, whether endangered or common species, and Environment for Nature- Vietnam (ENV) is one the organizations that works hard to handle the reports of wildlife crimes such as these and to work with the government authorities in confiscating the animals from criminals. While it is illegal to have primates in captivity as pets in Vietnam, it is not uncommon, and addressing this trade is very difficult. Every single year hundreds of macaques of the 5 species present in Vietnam are confiscated through wildlife crime reported to ENV, with the bulk of them coming from the central provinces and Da Nang city.  The Forest Protection Department (FPD) which is responsible for the confiscation and care/release of these animals does not have the facilities, the staff, or the funding capable of managing this species rescue.  This is why we will be opening the first Macaque-only rescue center in Vietnam in 2021.  We are currently finalizing the proposal and budget for the project to be presented to the FPD for partnership.


International treaties along with funding and resources for combating the wildlife trade is a big step forward, but it is not enough. The center will be focused not only on the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of macaques under strict international standards and managed by experienced primate specialists, but we will be using the facility as an opportunity to train Vietnamese FPD officers, veterinarians, and conservationists in the care of these species housed at the facility.  This will be opportunity for Vietnam to take better care of a species which has been badly overlooked and frequently exploited. In addition to the rescue and training facility, we will assist other organizations already working on reducing demand for macaques as pets such as ENV in order to stem the flow of these primates into the wildlife trade in the first place.

What Can YOU do?

We frequently get emails from tourists and Vietnamese traveling in Vietnam and when they have seen monkeys living on chains or in cages as personal pets. We ask these people to immediately report the address and send a Google maps pin plus pictures to ENV Wildlife Crime Unit which is the liaison to the Forest Protection Department of Vietnam that carries out the confiscations.