The Plight of Pigs in Vietnam

30,000,000 pigs produced yearly in Vietnam for human consumption

2.2 billion pigs are killed globally every year for human consumption

Most of these pigs live no longer than 6 months unless they are kept as breeding sows who are forcibly impregnated repeatedly and have their babies stolen from them at 4 weeks. 

86% of pigs raised are on family farms which sounds like they are living great lives, but they are kept confined in concrete pens usually no bigger than 4 square meters for their whole lives.  Few have the ability to ever leave their pens.  They do not have bedding, but sleep on wet concrete with their own feces and urine.  They are only fed the inedible scraps of food from the family.  Their waste is periodically flushed untreated into local water sources.  If they get sick or injured, they receive no veterinary care as that would reduce their profitability.  When they are sent to market, they are tied and packed tightly in baskets, strapped to motorbikes, and beaten onto trucks to meet their fate at the end of a butchers knife. 

These are all animals more intelligent than dogs and treated with no more respect than what is afforded to a brick- just inanimate profit machines. What makes their torture and murder even worse is that they are eaten by humans with no nutritional need to consume animal flesh.  No one human has the need for animal protein.

How can you justify breeding a sentient being into existence just to confine and torture them and finally take their life for something you don’t even need in a process which is harming the environment and putting public health in jeopardy? You can’t. 

Lola and Julian, our vegan mascots, are asking for justice for the holocaust against their species.  They are asking you to consider that you have no right to take their lives.

Go vegan today.