Cat left the US in 2006 as she gave up her life riding horses and managing stables in Virginia. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, Cat has lived in nine countries around the world. She has lived in Vietnam since 2012 and found her calling here in Hoi An as VAAR’s co-founder.  Cat is an outspoken vegan and encourages all other animal rights advocates to do the same.

Cat manages VAAR’s administration, fundraising, accounting, media, human resources, and adoption of animals. She is also developing the vet training and capacity building program for our clinic reopening in 2020. While starting her rescue work full time in 2013, Cat earned her Master’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management with a focus on animals in disaster.  Since a back injuries that keeps her from being able to do the shelter work, she maintains her role totally online from both Vietnam and while pet sitting in Europe for part of the year. To relax from the incredible stress of the job, Cat enjoys training for marathons and even completed a half Ironman triathlon in Da Nang several years ago.  Her passion for the mission to end animal suffering of all species in Vietnam and globally through non-speciesist animal rights advocacy makes her an excellent public speaker as well as a prolific writer on the subject.