Our Story

  • The Beginning

    Our founders saw a great need for a rescue shelter in Hoi An, where animals either often receive poor care from owners or are stolen and sold for the dog and cat meat trade.  But what started as a rescue shelter for dogs and cats in 2013 quickly evolved to become so much more.

  • The Shelter

    The founders began fundraising, gathered supporters and taking in animals.  Rescues of kittens found at markets and dogs suffering from cruelty and neglect immediated flooded into the shelter.

  • The Vet Clinic Opens

    Then they realized that the local vets were not even able to care for the animals properly. Consequently, they expanded into building up the capacity of the Vietnamese veterinary community to come to better diagnoses and treatment plans and to perform clean, safe procedures.

  • The Farm Sanctuary

    However, the need for better care was for much more than just cats and dogs.  In 2014, they began to rescue chickens, ducks and eventually even a pig.  The rights of all animals is VAAR’s focus, not simply those that humans consider companions.

  • Creating Social Change

    VAAR are fully aware of the local political and social context in which they work.  They stress the value of working with the local community to develop solutions to ending the suffering of animals.  While our founders are foreign-born, our solutions to animal exploitation are grounded in the local culture and in the foundations of social movements that are built over the long term with strategies that cannot be defined by a Western framework.

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