Meet Our Team


“We have devoted ourselves to raising the capacity of the veterinary industry to increase animal welfare and meet the rising standards of pet owners in Vietnam.”



A life-long animal lover and animal welfare advocate, Cat left the US in 2007 as she gave up her life riding horses and managing stables in Virginia. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Politics, Cat has lived in several countries around the world. She has lived in Vietnam since 2012 and found her calling here in Hoi An as VAAR’s co-founder.  Cat leads a vegan lifestyle and encourages other animal rights advocates to do the same. She looks forward to future of animal welfare capacity building in Vietnam.

Cat manages VAAR’s main shelter including the care, intake, and adoption of animals. She is also co-developing the vet training and capacity building program, as well as networking with other rescues to help build up their own administrative capacity in Vietnam. While starting her rescue work full time, Cat earned her Master’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management with a focus on animals in disaster.  Now she is working towards her PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Transformative Social Change.  She studies the inextricable link between human and animal rights, and how this can effect the global social movement of animal rights.  To relax from the usual stress of the job plus schoolwork, Cat enjoys training for marathons and recently completed a half Ironman triathlon in Da Nang.




Since a little kid, he was always surrounded by pets including dogs, cats, hamsters, rats, tortoises, guinea pigs, birds and fish. His graduation as a veterinarian from Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Poland in 2012 was obvious choice. After leaving his home country, Dan worked as a volunteer at an animal welfare organization in Thailand for 6 months. This is where he fell in love with all aspects of Asia- the people, culture, food and weather. Then he spent several years acquiring veterinary experience working in top-end animal hospitals in Wales and England alongside multiple specialists in medical and surgical fields. He is a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dan manages VAAR’s vet clinic including consults, surgeries, vet and nurse volunteer coordination, teaching our Vietnamese vet intern, and all other aspects of clinic’s day-to-day life. Dan’s hobbies are motorbike riding, running, and roller coaster rides.




Dr. Trinh is our first veterinary intern at the Hoi An veterinary training clinic.  She graduated from the Veterinary Faculty at the Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry in June, 2015. She is the vital connection between VAAR and the local community.  Dr. Trinh is trained by all of our international veterinarians and vet nurses in client communication, patient handling, intake procedures, surgical techniques, sedation and pain management protocols, and many other aspects of how to provide the best welfare for all our patients. Trinh is originally from Thang Binh district, deep in the countryside near Hoi An.  She plays a mean game of Badminton every morning to keep fit and enjoys going to the cinema on her days off.